The Windblocker
Built and designed to compliment the Quest EliteĀ® Signature range of bell tents by using the same materials and premium options (like heavy duty guy ropes and hand sliders) so they are the perfect compliment to the Bell Tents, but also a great premium, full cotton windbreak.
The windblocker is taller than a standard windbreak, giving you more protection from the wind. On top of this extra protection you get premium materials throughout, you get the luxurious FullC 100% cotton canvas. You get heavy duty guy ropes, rather than guy lines, heavy duty ground anchors rather than pegs and premium hand sliders rather than guy line locks making this windbreak a cut above the rest.

Sizes and Dimensions

The Windshield Pro is the perfect windbreak for our Signature range of tents as it is made from the same premium full cotton canvas. It is also the perfect windbreak for those after a highe quality, classic windbreak made from sustainable materials. The extra height on the wind blocker also give syou extra protection from the wind.

Windblocker Features

These are the features available on the Windblocker.
  • Fabric
  • Quest Tec FullC
  • Quest Tec FullC is a luxurious 100% cotton fabric, that is waterproof, breathable and performs better in hot and cold conditions. Better fabric for a better experience.
  • Feature
  • Premium Guy Ropes
  • This product uses premium, heavy duty guy ropes with hand sliders. Far better, stronger and easier to use than guy lines.
  • Feature
  • U.V. 50 Plus
  • The fabric on this product has been UV treated. This means that it not only protects you (and gets a 50+ UV rating) it also protects itself and helps the product last longer.
  • Feature
  • Sustainable
  • The fabric used in this product is sustainable, which means it is better for the environment, better for the earth and better for the next generation.
  • Feature
  • Single Person Pitch
  • This means this product is extremely easy to use and can be pitched by a single person. We also check them ourselves, to ensure this can be done.

Available downloads for the Windblocker

Flyer for the Windblocker
2021 Canvas and Furniture Catalogue
Instruction Manual
Windblocker instruction manual