The Lynx
The Lynx comes in two sizes and is extremely lightweight and easy to pitch. Perfect for the weekend and short stays.
It comes in either 200cm wide or 240cm wide. It is so easy to pitch it can easily be done by one person. Both versions give enough space for two chairs and a table or the perfect amount of space to throw off those wet boots and coats before going into your caravan.
The Lynx 200 is also the perfect awning for the swift basecamp caravan as it fits perfectly onto the rear of the basecamp and can be pitched by one person in a matter of minutes.

Sizes and Dimensions

The Lynx is available in 2 different sizes and fits a width of 200 cm or 240cm. As the Lynx is a porch awning the awning slides into your awning channel as normal, but then slides round to the flat part of your awning channel. It then comes down the side of your caravan (or other vehicle). The Lynx can go down over a window, but you may not want to as this stops your window from being able to open and can leave a gap underneath and on top of the window. So for the best fit , first measure the flat part of your awning channel and this is your maximum length. Then decide where the awning can go (either including or excluding windows) and this gives you, your best size. Then match that to the sizes shown in the table below.

Lynx Features

These are the features you can fin don the Lynx awning.
  • Fabric
  • HydraDore SL
  • HydraDore SL is a premium lightweight fabric. A 75D polyester with a premium coating and 3,000mm hydrostatic head. It’s lightweight makes it easy to use and quick to dry, yet the coating gives it a high performance and extended durability.
  • Air System
  • Air Erect System
  • The Air Erect System (AES) is an, easy to use, air erect system. Simplified to make it easier to use and less to go wrong, the system uses 4 layers for strength and stability.
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  • Feature
  • Anti Weather System
  • The anti-weather system is a collection of updates that keep the bad weather out. They include extra rain protectors on zips, waterproof toggle points and additional weather protection dual coated panels.
  • Feature
  • U.V. 50 Plus
  • The fabric on this product has been UV treated. This means that it not only protects you (and gets a 50+ UV rating) it also protects itself and helps the awning last longer.
  • Feature
  • Single Person Pitch
  • This product is extremely easy to pitch, so much so it can be pitched by a single person. We also check them ourselves, to ensure they can be done.
  • Feature
  • Very Lightweight
  • This product is very lightweight, which makes it easier to use and pack away. The light weight nature helps towards it being single person pitch as it is easy to pull through the awning channel yourself.
  • Add on
  • POP Up Inner Tent
  • The product can take our free standing pop up inner tent giving you the option if having a sleeping pod/bedroom/junk room inside your product.
  • Feature
  • Double Beading
  • Double beading on your product means that it can be used in either 4 or 6mm channels. This enables you to use this awning directly in a roll out/wind out canopy as well as standard caravan awning channels.

Available downloads for the Lynx porch awning

Flyer for the Lynx porch awning
2021 Canvas and Furniture Catalogue
Lynx 200 instruction manual
Lynx 240 instruction manual