The Quest Elite® Naples Pro range is all about lightweight performance

They use the high performance materials, with a premium lightweight frame to give you an extremely comfortable chair, high on style and very lightweight. The use of the all weather fabric and aluminium frames also gives you excellent performance in any weather. The lounge bed also features the padded version of the QTex 2D mesh fabric.

Qtex 2D Fabric

This is a premium stretch fabric with added levels of comfort. It combines great levels of cushioned comfort with extra padding for extra comfort along with lasting durability and great weather resistance allowing it to last longer than its rivals. First comes the amazing level of comfort. The base fabric is cushioned so it is softer and more comfortable than its rivals. On top of this cushioned comfort the material is breathable thanks to its porous nature. This means that it is also more comfortable on hot days as your skin can breathe when sitting on it allowing you to stay cooler. The stretch in the fabric also means that you get extra comfort from the give in the fabric. On top of all this comfort the fabric is also padded which gives you even greater levels of comfort. These chairs really are made for comfort. Next the fabric is very durable. It is naturally hard wearing giving it a long lasting lifespan. The stretch nature of the material means that it bounces back after use and will start taught for longer than its cheaper rivals. It is U.V. resistant so offers great resistance to the suns rays, which also helps it last longer as it takes longer for the suns rays to damage the fabric. The fabric is also quick dry thanks to its porous nature and the water repellent outer coating of the fabric. This gives the material excellent weather resistance helping the chair to last longer.

Exclusive Slide Out Side Table

All items in this range have the exclusive Quest Elite slide out side table. This is an exclusive side table that is simply slide out from underneath the seat of the chair and locks in place. This gives you the perfect side table at the perfect height. When you don’t want the table you can simply slide it away so it doesn’t get in the way.

Premium Aluminium Frame

This is a premium aluminium frame. First the base material is a premium grade aluminium, selected for its light weight, durability and weather resistance, giving you the bets of both worlds, both low weight and great weather resistance. The frame is made even better thanks to its premium electro-plated coating. This means it gets an extremely high quality coating, which is more even than its powder coated rivals, more durable and will help keep the frame looking new for longer.

The Range

Items in the Quest Elite® Naples Pro furniture range
<br /><b>F1321</b>: The Reclining Chair

The Recline
F1321: The Reclining Chair

The smallest packed sized chair in the range. Small and lightweight, but still with a high back, padded cushion and ergonomic back giving great levels of comfort with a low entry price. This chair can be used on its own to eat at a table or simply relax. Add the optional leg rest and it can be turned into a full lounger.

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<br /><b>F1322</b>: The Extra Comfortable One

The Comfort
F1322: The Extra Comfortable One

This is the perfect blend of the full relaxer and recline chair in one. Added levels of comfort thanks to the elastics and chair design, but the same practicality of an upright chair you can eat at the table with. The optional leg rest can be used with this chair as well to give you a great lounger as well.

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<br /><b>F1323XL</b>The ultimate in comfort

The Relax XL
F1323XLThe ultimate in comfort

This is simply the most comfortable chair in the range. Its a zero gravity relaxer giving you amazing levels of comfort whenever you need it. It has also been made XL wide giving a larger and more comfortable seating area.

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<br /><b>F1324</b>The lounger

The Lounge
F1324The lounger

The perfect sun lounger, day bed or even a deluxe camp bed. Higher than standard loungers making them more comfortable and easier to get in and out off. The Lounge uses the padded version of the QTex 2D mesh fabric giving you even greater levels of comfort. With the added levels of comfort and its ease of use, this is stand out lounger or bed.

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<br /><b>F1325</b>: Turn your chair into a lounger

The Rest
F1325: Turn your chair into a lounger

Simple but effective. The rest is used with both the recline and comfort chairs to turn them from just a chair to a relaxer or lounger. Extremely lightweight and folds away when not in use.

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<br /><b>F1327</b>: The folding bench

The Bench
F1327: The folding bench

A folding bench gives you two seats that can be folded away in seconds for easy storage. The bench folds flat allowing it to be stored away in a small space when not in use. When folded out you get two full size seats, each with its own slide out side table.

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<br /><b>F1326</b>The Swing

The Swing
F1326The Swing

The perfect addition to the garden, a three person swing. Great levels of comfort thanks to the removable padded seats and the use of the breathable and comfortable QTex 2D mesh fabric.

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