The Quest JetStream range is a high quality range of blow mould furniture

This range is all about strength, durability and weather resistance. They are all extremely strong and feature the 100% weatherproof solid tops giving you the very best weather resistance possible.

Table Tops and Seats

The table top and seats in the JetStream range are a premium solid resin top. They have a wood effect pattern on them making them look nicer and more interesting than the plain tops. The pattern is light enough not to cause any issues with the stability of items on the tops and finishes the item with a professional and pleasing look. They are also completely weather proof and extremely strong. They are build to last and do so with ease. The solid nature of the tops gives them more strength than their non-solid rivals.

Strong Weather Resistant Frames

The frames in the JetStream range are a high quality, powder coated steel. They are made from steel to continue the strength of the table tops and seats throughout the product ensuring it is stronger than its rivals. The powder coating on the frame gives the steel its weather resistance and finished the look of the product by complimenting the table top and seats. The weather resistant nature of the coating, coupled with the strength of the steel and the solid nature of the tops ensures these products are built to last.

Pack Sizes

All the items in the JetStream range fold away flat making them easier to store when not in use. The Grassmoor table and bench set takes that one step further by allowing the folded away benches to sit inside the table making the pack size even smaller.
The Skiddaw and Helvellyn tables also fold in half to form their own carry case and again making the pack size even smaller

The Range

Items in the Quest JetStream furniture range
<br /><b>F0100</b>: The Classic Chair

The Scafell
F0100: The Classic Chair

A classic chair with unbeatable strength and durability. Folds flat for easy storage.

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<br /><b>F0101</b>: The Large Table

The Helvellyn
F0101: The Large Table

A larger version of the Skiddaw table. It sacrifices the two heights for added size and strength giving you an extremely larger and extremely strong table.

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<br /><b>F0102</b>: The Medium Table

The Skiddaw
F0102: The Medium Table

Immensely strong table that folds away but can also be used at two different heights for added usability.

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<br /><b>F0103</b>: The Round Table

The Fairfield
F0103: The Round Table

A round table with amazing strength that folds away for a flat pack that easy to store away.

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<br /><b>F0104</b>: The Full Set

The Grassmoor
F0104: The Full Set

A table and bench set that combines the solid build quality and performance into one package that folds away and the benches go inside the table making one small and easy pack.

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