The Quest Elite® Autograph range is a premium range of pack away furniture

They use the premium materials to give maximum comfort alongside pack and fold away frames to make the pack size smaller. They are the perfect solution for those after small pack sizes but do not want to compromise on comfort.

Qtex Weave Fabric

This is a premium hard wearing fabric which comes in different levels of padding and comfort. The material is extremely durable and easy to clean helping it last longer. The base material if a very high quality 600D polyester, but it has a modern PU coating which gives it extra durability and protection from the suns rays without lowering the comfort levels of the soft fabric. This coating helps the chair to look better and last longer than its cheaper rivals. The fabric also has three levels of padding, Quilted which is the thinnest of the padding and helps keep the pack size and weight down. Then padded, which gives added comfort and finally extreme padded which gives the absolute maximum of comfort available.

Pack Away and Carry Bags

Every chair in this range (except the Surrey) has a pack away frame to make the pack size smaller. These frames simply collapse and fold into a small pack size making them easier to carry and store away when not in use. The Surrey (the directors chair) simply folds flat allowing it to be carried and stored easily when not in use. They all (except the Surrey) also come complete with their own colour coded carry bag which makes them even easier to store away but also offers extra protection for your chair helping them to last even longer.

Premium Steel and Aluminium Frames

All items in this range have the same premium, pack away frames. They are a mixture of aluminium and steel, but all feature the premium electro plated coating which gives added durability and protection against the weather helping them last longer. All the frames pack away to allow for smaller pack sizes, which makes them easier to store away.

The Range

Items in the Quest Elite® Autograph furniture range
<br /><b>F3020B</b>: The Recliner

The Cumbria
F3020B: The Recliner

A pack away recliner. This has a reclining back for added comfort, but folds away into its own carry bag for a smaller pack size.

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<br /><b>F3021B</b>: The Classic

New Dorset
F3021B: The Classic

A larger version of the classic camping chair. Made larger for added comfort and uses the quilted fabric for a perfect balance of comfort, weight and pack size. Finished with its own carry bag.

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<br /><b>F3025B</b>: The Wrap Around

The Kent
F3025B: The Wrap Around

The extreme padded version of QTex weave fabric gives this chair more comfort. It wraps around you when you sit in it giving extra warmth and comfort. It packs down to a very small size making it perfect when space is at a premium, but you still want the added levels of comfort.

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<br /><b>F3027B</b>: The Directors

The Surrey
F3027B: The Directors

the classic directors chair, taken up a level. Premium fabrics and padding on the arms gives you extra comfort. The large fold out, side table is perfect for drinks, food, phones and more.

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<br /><b>F3029B</b>: The Multi Use

The Devon
F3029B: The Multi Use

The perfect stool and foot rest in one. It is a full strength stool that packs away into its own carry case. It can also be used as a foot stool for any of the Autograph range

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<br /><b>F3030B</b>: The Armchair

The Cleveland
F3030B: The Armchair

This is all about comfort. The extreme padded fabric gives maximum comfort and the size and shape of the chair gives you that armchair comfort in a pack away format. Finished with its own carry bag. Perfect for those after the highest levels of comfort available.

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<br /><b>F3032</b>: The Bed

The Somerset
F3032: The Bed

A unique fold-out quick bed, the Somerset comes in an amazingly small pack size and folds out and zips into place in seconds. Featuring the same premium quality fabric and colour way as the rest of the Autograph range it fits in perfectly and is great to use camping, caravanning or even at home when you need an extra bed in a hurry.

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