The Touareg
The Touareg is a modern take on the classic bell tent. Based on the same simple design that means it can be easily pitched by a single person, the Touareg gives you more space and features than the classic bell.
This is an excellent luxury tent. Take your experience to the next level with a luxurious 100% cotton canvas, breathable and far more comfortable than polyester the Touareg is a true glamping performer. The extra space is thanks to the elevated sides and square shape, but it still uses the classic bell centre pole frame which means it can be easily pitched (including pegging) by a single person in under 20 minutes.

Sizes and Dimensions

The Touareg tent is a premium full cotton tent, that is a modern take on the classic bell tent, designed to give more space and room for a family. It comes in one size and is packed in two seperate bags to make it easier to store and carry. The pack sizes and weights below are the total combined sizes and weights. Thanks to the heavyweight full cotton canvas the Touareg tent is actually easier to fold away as its natural weight helps compress the size down. As the Touareg tent is a poled tent it also means the pack size is smaller as there are no air beams, helping keep the pack size down even smaller.

Touareg Features

These are the features found on the premium Touareg tent
  • Fabric
  • Quest Tec FullC
  • Quest Tec FullC is a luxurious 100% cotton fabric, that is waterproof, breathable and performs better in hot and cold conditions. Better fabric for a better experience.
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  • Frame
  • Premium Frame
  • This frame makes the tent easier to pitch. The poles themselves are a very heavy duty, premium grade galvanised steel giving years or use and durability.
  • Feature
  • Single Person Pitch
  • This product can be pitched by one person. Before we award this feature we test the product ourselves by pitching it with one person to be 100% sure that it can be done easily enough to claim single person pitch.
  • Feature
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • This product is built to last, so we give you a full 2 year warranty, giving you more peace of mind.
  • Add on
  • Inner Tent Ready
  • This product is ready to take its own specifically designed inner tent and is simply hung up in place and gives you a dedicated sleeping pod/ bedroom.
  • Feature
  • Scenic Windows
  • Scenic windows are premium , crystal clear windows with internal blinds. They add extra light and air into you tent, usually not found on bell tents but included here.
  • Feature
  • Vista View
  • The 360 vista view option allows you to roll the entire side of the bell tent up, allowing for amazing views and gives your tent a complete and full airing.
  • Feature
  • Zipped Groundsheet
  • Fully zipped, heavy duty premium PVC, giving durability ,strength, and better thermal protection. Easier to clean and pack away, plus when taking the tent down you can unzip your canvas to ensure it stays clean.
  • Feature
  • U.V. 50 Plus
  • The fabric on this product has been UV treated. This means that it not only protects you (and gets a 50+ UV rating) it also protects itself and helps the product last longer.
  • Feature
  • no-Chill Mesh
  • Even though these tents are breathable we add extra mesh ventilation panels to give you even more air flow but stops wind chill. They all have zip shut internal panels, and use the quest no chill premium mesh.
  • Feature
  • Any Season
  • This product can be used in any season, any time during the year thanks to the durability of the fabric, backed with the strength of the frame.
  • Sustainable
  • The fabric used in this tent is sustainable, which means it is better for the environment, better for the earth and better for the next generation.
  • Feature
  • Premium Guy Ropes
  • This product uses premium, heavy duty guy ropes with hand sliders. Far better, stronger and easier to use than guy lines.

Available downloads for the Touareg tent

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