Avantgarde Noblesse chair in silverline
The avantgarde range represents the very best in outdoor furniture. It features the very best materials and functions together to deliver the very best.
The frame is made from a world exclusive material called Duralite. This alloy is stronger and lighter than aluminium so you get an extremely lightweight chair that has a higher than expected maximum load.
The fabric is another world exclusive called Duragore 3D padded material. This is a porous padded material. Even though this is a padded chair it is made for any weather. If it rains the majority of the water runs straight through. The porous pad allows the moisture to run though rather than soaking it up like all other foam pads. This means that the chair dry’s extremely quickly afterwards and is ready to use sooner. The fabric is not only porous but extremely durable, UV resistant, rot proof, breathable and extremely comfortable.
The arm rests are ergonomic so give added comfort. They are also coated to make them more comfortable and durable. The ergonomic back rest adds comfort from the start. The mix of the ergonomic back rest, padded and breathable material gives you an extremely comfortable chair. It is comfortable from the moment you sit in it, even more so when used for long periods. It can be made even more comfortable by extending the chair with the optional leg rest.

Not only is this chair the lightest and most comfortable chair in it's class, but it is also extremely durable. It is weatherproof, rot proof and made from extremely strong materials. The joints and moving parts are made from solid metal so it lasts longer than its rivals. The fabric is coated and durable so it lasts longer than its rivals. The frame is extremely strong so it can hold more than its rivals.

To finish the product it is covered by the very best warranty available. You get a 5 year warranty which gives you great piece of mind. Not only is this the longest warranty available, it is also one of the best. This furniture is sold all over Europe and this gives you complete cover even when you are away from home. All you do is get in touch with the retailer you purchased it from and they will get in touch with the Westfield support network, whom will then find the support partner in the country you are in at the time, and will attempt to resolve your issue straight away rather than waiting to get home first.

The avantgarde - when you want the best of the best, this really is the very best chair in its class.


5 Year warranty
Ergonomic back rest
Ergonomic arm rests
Soft touch arm rests
Adjustable recline
Extremely comfortable
Extremely durable
Fully padded
UV Resistant
Solid metal joints
Breathable and quick drying
Lightest padded chair in its class
Lighter and stronger than aluminium
Very flat folded size
Fully sewn seams
Double stitched
High maximum load
Can be extended with matching foot rest

Materials and Dimensions

ItemCode : F0065SL
Frame: Duralite
Fabric: Duragore 3D Padded
Size: 64 x 88 x 120 cm.
Seat Height: 47cm.
Folded: 114 x 64 x 10 cm.
Weight: 5.2 kg.
Max Load: 140 kg.

Additional Information