Naples Pro Bench with side tables
An excellent, lightweight folding bench. It features the premium Q-Tex 2D mesh fabric which gives you cushioned comfort, class leading durability, excellent weather resistance and all weather usage. The bench can be folded away when not in use making it easy to move and store helping it to look new and last longer. The addition of two of the exclusive slide out side tables means you have a handy table, either side of the bench whenever you need it. The bench is finished off with a premium electro-plated aluminium frame, meaning this is an all weather bench. The solid arm rests on this chair give added comfort and great support. They also make it easier to get in and out of the chair for those with limited mobility.

Q-Tex 2D Mesh
This is a premium stretch fabric which combines great levels of cushioned comfort with long lasting durability and great weather resistance allowing it to be used in any weather. First comes the comfort. The base fabric is cushioned so it is softer and more comfortable than its rivals. On top of this cushioned comfort the material is breathable thanks to its porous nature. This means that it is also more comfortable on hot days as your skin can breathe when sitting on it allowing you to stay cooler. The stretch in the fabric also means that you get extra comfort from the give in the fabric.
Next the fabric is very durable. It is naturally hard wearing giving it a long lasting lifespan. The stretch nature of the material means that it bounces back after use and will start taught for longer than its cheaper rivals. It is U.V. resistant so offers great resistance to the suns rays, which also helps it last longer as it takes longer for the suns rays to damage the fabric.
The fabric is also quick dry thanks to its porous nature and the water repellent outer coating of the fabric. When it rains the majority of water runs though the material which means you are only left with a small amount on the fabric which dries quickly. This gives the material excellent weather resistance and means it can be used in any weather.

Exclusive Slide Out Side Table
This bench has two of the Quest Elite slide out side tables. These are exclusive side tables that simply slide out from either side the bench and lock in place. This gives you the perfect side table at the perfect height. When you don't want the table you can simply slide it away so it doesn't get in the way.

Electro-plated aluminium frame
This is a premium all weather frame. First the base material is aluminium which is ultra lightweight, strong and all weather as it does not rust. The make the frame even better it is electro-plated. This means it gets an extremely high quality coating, which is more even than its powder coated rivals, more durable and will help keep the frame looking new for longer.


All weather bench
Q-Tex 2D Mesh stretch fabric
Cushioned comfort
Breathable for added comfort
Excellent weather resistance
Quick dry
Two exclusive slide out side tables
Premium electro-plated aluminium frame
Solid supportive arms
Folds flat

Materials and Dimensions

ItemCode : f1327
Fabric: All weather Q-Tex 2D Mesh
Frame: Premium electro-plated aluminium
Size: 167 x 64 x 96 cm.
Seat height: 43 cm.
Seat width: 105 cm.
Folded size: 117 x 103 x 17 cm.
Weight: 10.4 kg.
Max load: 200 kg. (100 kg per seat)
Side table max load: 5 kg.

Additional Information