NCC Verified
Platinum batteries have full NCC verification were required, giving you piece of mind in selecting the perfect leisure battery.
The National Caravan Council (NCC) has created the verified scheme to provide product specification verification to help ensure you not only select the perfect battery for your requirements, but also the piece of mind that the battery will perform as you need it to.


NCC Classifications for Batteries

Class A is for batteries with a higher storage capacity, for people who frequently use their caravans or motorhomes away from electrical hook-ups and require high power to operate devices such as microwaves and motor movers. Class A verified batteries typically have 10x more cycles than a Class C Battery.

Class B batteries are aimed at those who frequently use sites with hook-up facilities, but require a greater battery capacity to operate TVs and other devices. Class B verified batteries typically have 3x more cycles than a Class C Battery.

Class C is for users that require a lower capacity battery to cover basic operation of their habitation equipment for short periods away from a hook-up.

The Range

Platinum International have a variety of batteries available for any situation or requirement.
<br />Platinum Leisure AGM Plus

Leisure AGM Plus
Platinum Leisure AGM Plus

Premium leisure batteries, ideal for motor movers, NCC verified class A.

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<br />Platinum Leisure Plus EFB

Leisure Plus EFB
Platinum Leisure Plus EFB

Premium leisure batteries for multiple uses, NCC verified class B and C.

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<br />Platinum Leisure Plus

Leisure Plus
Platinum Leisure Plus

High quality leisure batteries, designed for any use. NCC Verified Class C.

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<br />Platinum VRLA

Platinum VRLA

Batteries designed for backup power or when off grid power is regularly used. NCC verified class A and C.

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<br />Platinum Motorhome

Platinum Motorhome

Specifically designed for motorhome users and used as a starter battery. (No starter batteries have NCC verification).

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The Environment


As an end consumer of batteries you can be happy knowing that Quest and Platinum are doing everything possible to minimise the effect that batteries are having on our environment by ensuring the disposal of them is handled in an environmentally friendly way.

With this said we encourage you to bring back your used batteries to any of our retailers and they will ensure the unit is returned to Platinum to be recycled.

Many do not realise that more then 90% of the battery is actually recyclable!


As a retailer you need to know that we will not only support you throughout the lifecycle of these batteries with technical guidance, but we also offer a hassle free waste recycling service for batteries which have reached the end of their life.

Through the Platinum waste recycling programme, They will collect old batteries directly from your site and ensure they are disposed of in accordance to the Environmental Agency guidelines which also ensures you have all relevant documentation to prove you are disposing of this waste via an approved method.

Further to that you can put these collections towards future battery purchases saving you time and money!